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The collective hive mind of the Internet contains more information than we could ever hope to contain in our heads, so here are some resources we think are useful.

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A non-profit membership organization of persons 50 and older dedicated to addressing their needs and interests.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank
The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. It was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.

California Department of Insurance
A consumer protection agency whose priority is to protect insurance consumers by regulating the industry’s practices and encouraging a healthy marketplace.

California EDD – Employment Development Department
A direct link to job placement and referrals, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, employment and training, labor market information, and payroll taxes.

California Franchise Tax Board
The Franchise Tax Board is responsible for administering two of California’s major tax programs: Personal Income Tax and the Corporation Tax.

CFP Board of Standards
The CFP Board of Standards teaches you what to look for in a financial planner, what a CFP designation means, and your rights as a client.

Consumer Reports
Published by Consumers Union, an expert, independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves.

Financial Planning Association
The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) connects those who need, support and deliver financial planning. We believe that everyone is entitled to objective advice from a competent, ethical financial planner to make smart financial decisions.

Internal Revenue Service

The National Association of Enrolled Agents
The NAEA is the professional society representing Enrolled Agents (EAs), which number some 40,000 nationwide.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.
The FINRA oversees the activities of brokerage firms, branch offices and registered securities representatives.

Professional Fiduciary Association of California
The members of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California are dedicated to serving and protecting the best interests of those who place their trust in them.

Social Security Administration
Retirement, disability and survivors benefits to workers and their families and administer of the Supplemental Security Income program. The  Social Security Administration also issues Social Security numbers.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.

Department of The Treasury
The Department of the Treasury is the primary federal agency responsible for the economic and financial prosperity and security of the United States, and as such is responsible for a wide range of activities including advising the President on economic and financial issues, promoting the President’s growth agenda, and enhancing corporate governance in financial institutions.


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